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Louisa Perrotta- Adelaide, South Australia 

"Starting out with a series of synchronies, I nervously knew my next big growth steps were going to be alongside Andra. Before I began my journey with Andra my days were far from bright, the vision I held for my future was a blurry mess of confusion and most of all I struggled to put myself first. Since working with Andra my self-value has grown immensely, my vision and mission have become clearer, I feel so much more at peace within and above all I no longer feel guilty for making ‘ME’ number one. Andra’s gentle and kind-hearted approach, makes it easy to be completely open and real within the sessions and allows you to squeeze the absolute most out of yourself. We all deserve to be the greatest expression of ourselves and making the decision to work with Andra has certainly propelled me on my journey in doing just that. No combination of words could express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Andra – a beautiful soul who is absolutely magical in what she does. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you are inspired to do!

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Danielle Matthews - Hospitality, Box Hill 

"At first, I was a little hesitant to book in with Andra because I had previously seen a kinesiologist before and spent a lot money and achieved little success or happiness as a result. This made me apprehensive to try it again, but I was drawn to Andra so I decided to give it a shot! Since I started working with Andra, so much has changed! Before I didn't have a relationship with my mum and I was scared to step outside of my comfort zone.   I now have a loving relationship with my mum, I've started full time work again and am now following my dreams and my heart by moving interstate to be with the guy I like and I will finally be living near the beach! Coming into contact with Andra has been such a beautiful experience. I love every session and know I'll always have someone to come to when life gets a little too much. Knowing I have someone who holds my heart in such kindness and warmth as I do myself (if not better) is something I will always be grateful for! "

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Laura O'Sullivan - Nurse, Fitzroy

"Life is very different since working with Andra. I have grown so much in last few months and people around me are noticing a difference! I'm now more kind to myself and loving life. Andra very gently works through everything that comes up and helps you see the blessing in every situation. Both the kinesiology and the Equilibration Process compliment each other really well.  I would 100% recommend Andra to anyone. She instantly made me feel at ease and special in our sessions. I come out of her sessions with clarity, feeling whole and a new lease of life!"

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Kobi Steedman, #BossBabe, Townsville, QLD

“Since I started working with Andra I feel clearer in my vision. I am able to move on from the past freely. I have also realised recently that I am no longer holding on to the issues that had been holding me back for so long. I feel happy and my relationships are improving. I would absolutely recommend Andra to anyone – I already have! From our first session I felt instantly comfortable and connected from the first time we spoke. I usually find it difficult to open up and speak freely but with Andra I feel that I can discuss anything on my mind without being self-conscious! You’re amazing, love your work!”

kinesiology melbourne

Tracy Bee - Entrepreneur, Altona

"Andra is the beautiful soul who instilled in me that I am worthy and everything is possible. Call her...inbox her...message her...meet with her! I promise you that life as you know it will never be the same and your dreams will become your reality. Thank you Andra for sharing your amazing gift!"

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Megan Stella - Self-employed, Thornbury

"Since I started seeing Andra, I've seen improvements in my relationships, I'm more clear on my purpose and I feel more confident in general. I feel more certain than ever about my career and I understand why certain relationships have been dysfunctional for so long. I feel 'lighter' - like I am not carrying around as much 'baggage'. I have found Andra to be very compassionate, relatable, empathetic & easy to open up to. It has been a very confronting experience & she has made it so much easier with her skills & warm personality. I would just like to say thank-you for helping me, my progress has been quite rapid & it has enabled my career to get off to a great start! "